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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I can not reject an opportunity to ruin my career!

Recently I headhunted a very professional, experienced and perfectly qualified candidate from one of the key companies in one heavily-competitive business sphere in Latvia. I placed her to a similar position (sales manager) into her competitor’s company (my Client).

She got all she wanted and even more. Great advancement opportunities, challenging tasks, a position in a top-class international company and on top of that she also got a significant salary raise. So she signed the contract a few weeks ago, supposed to start within 2 months from signing the agreement.

Everybody is happy.

2 days ago… My Client receives an e-mail from her. The core is “I am staying at my current company. They made an offer I could not reject.”

Give me a break! “An offer I can’t reject”.

Most of the successful headhunters I know usually prep. a candidate, they warn about counter-offers, draw them pictures, make them feel what is it usually all about. They make candidates understand the reality behind a counter-offer, they teach candidates how to handle counter-offers and explain them “why you should usually turn them down”.

I usually do the same thing, I spend time to prepare candidates. I help them understand what actions are in their best interests. Should I even bother telling you that I skipped this part this time? I mean she certainly seemed to be a bright candidate; a candidate you could call a smart one and I just thought: “well, she knows it all anyway.”

WRONG! “I am staying at my current company. They made an offer I could not reject.”

Why did they make such an offer? I’ll tell you why. The market is VERY competitive in this particular business. There are very few sales professionals in this market segment. It takes a whole lot of effort to train newcomers. Loosing one of the best employees to a competitor…Would it be fair to say “it’s devastating”?

So her Employer did what he should do. He offered her a very high salary (big raise on top of my Clients offer which initially was a big raise as well). So they offered her money in order to prevent her from joining my Client. I believe the Candidate greatly diminished her chances of further career opportunities. You know… “word of mouth”.

“She changed her mind 3 weeks after signing the contract.” These news spread pretty fast.

Winners & losers?

Client? Well, I guess I can find them another placable candidate. They know it.

Candidate’s current company? Hmm.. Well they still have their sales manager working. Though something tells me that they are starting their search for a replacement.

Candidate? Imagine her employer sacks her. I don’t think she has any chances to join a major company in her sphere of business anymore. She has a curse on herself.

I believe I am not too harsh making statements in this particular case. It is as bad as it can be – for her.

She is really a good professional in what she does at work. How long will they allow her continue doing it?


Short term gains & long term trouble…

I believe many headhunters have similar stories. It would be interesting to read some.


Blogger Headhunter said...

Check these ideas of Bill Radin:

However, my case was a bit different.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the candidate was really bright and good at what she was doing, I doubt that it would be a big problem for her to find a similar job. Especially in Latvia the fact that employer is offering more to keep an employee is a sign of employee's worth.
Don't you think?

4:35 PM  
Blogger Headhunter said...

You have a good point. There is no doubt that the candidate was really bright and smart and great at what she was doing. And of course she was valuable for her employer, because she had the know-how, she was trained and there are very few professionals who could do her job at the same level of quality. In order to replace her, the company would have to train a new person to do her job. Thus short term she was indispensable for the company.

Yet I would argue that finding a similar job would still be a problem for her. Because, even though she might be indispensable in the short term, her long-term value is going down, because a few more variables come into equation. E.g. loyalty, reliability and trust to name a few.

She had SIGNED an agreement with my client and broke it 3 weeks later. The market in that particular industry is very small, thus such things don’t go unnoticed. Anyway, not to go into too much detail, the doors for advancement in her industry seem to be closed. Just think about it… would you offer her a contract if you knew how she used to treat contracts and mutual agreements, if you knew how she broke her promises?

Yet this does not necessarily mean that she has made the wrong decision. She is bright and she can do many other things, in other industries even other countries. Opportunities do not end with one particular industry. And she might even choose to open her own business and be successful at it. It’s her life and she lives it her way. Who are we to judge... :)

10:51 AM  
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